Publication list of the Alberdi Group at the University of Copenhagen

Under review

Eisenhofer R, Odriozola I, Alberdi A. 2022. Impact of microbial genome completeness on functional metagenomics. Research Square. doi: 10.21203/ Under Review. 


Koziol A, Odriozola I, Nyholm L, Leonard A, San José C, Pauperio J, Ferreira C, Hansen AJ, Aizpurua O, Gilbert MTP & Alberdi A. 2022. Enriching captivity conditions with natural elements does not prevent the loss of wild-like gut microbiota but shapes its compositional variation in two small mammals. MicrobiologyOpen 11: e1318.
Núria Tous, Sofia Marcos, Farshad Goodarzi Boroojeni, Ana Pérez De Rozas, Jürgen Zentek, Andone Estonba, Dorthe Sandvang, M Thomas P Gilbert, Enric Esteve-Garcia, Robert Finn, Antton Alberdi, Joan Tarradas. 2022. Novel Strategies to Improve Chicken Performance and Welfare by Unveiling Host-Microbiota Interactions through Hologenomics. Frontiers in Physiology. doi: 10.3389/fphys.2022.884925. Accepted. 
Alberdi A, Odriozola I, Eisenhofer R, Aizpurua O (2022) Measuring biodiversity with eDNA metabarcoding. Chapter in Applied Environmental Genomics. Berry O, Holleley C, Jarman S eds. CSIRO Publishing. In Press.
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