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Goal #1

Understand microbial contribution to animal ecology and evolution

Microorganisms associated to complex organisms are being depicted as important or even essential elements for the normal functioning of many biological processes. The impact of microorganisms in such processes is a fact, yet their relevance in shaping or even driving ecological and evolutionary processes of complex organisms is still to be ascertained.

Goal #2

Decipher the interactions between host genomes and microbial metagenomes

We still know very little about the interactions occurring between wild vertebrates and microorganisms associated to them, and how these shape vertebrate biology.

Goal #3

Measure the effect of microorganisms in the adaptation of animals to climate change

Ongoing rapid climate change is forcing organisms to adapt to the rapidly changing conditions. Due to their long generation times, genomic evolution will likely not to happen fast enough to counteract the pace of climate change. Acknowledging the contribution that host-microbe interactions can make to the adaptability of different vertebrates will be essential to refine the impact of climate change in their populations.

Goal #4

Explore microbial solutions to improve conservation of animals

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Goal #5

Identify pathogens that threaten biodiversity and society

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